About Us


ESPKINGS PICK6 is a ‘Free to Play’ (FTP) Score prediction game used for the acquisition or retention of players (clients). Operators offer weekly, monthly and seasonal prizes to attract players who would ‘sign up’ to enter the competition.

If a player predicts all six results correctly, they will win the main prize offered by the operator. ESPKINGS PICK6 can also be a ‘Pay to Play’ (PTP) where the operator may offer a large ‘Jackpot’ (Money).

The player would pay a small fee to enter the competition and have a chance of winning the ‘Jackpot’ on offer.

For more information about ESPKINGS PICK6, affiliates, white-label or partner, please contact us.

ESPKINGS PICK6 will boost your Business

Our Main Goals, Advances & Features

  • Esport Jackpots
    Engage and acquire new players with a FTP or PTP Esport jackpot game.
  • Localisation
    Our platform supports players from across the globe and in any language.
  • Technology
    ESPKINGS PICK6 is built using the latest mobile-friendly frameworks and is fully customisable.